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Carrell Farms Group Buy this Weekend!

Good Morning! I knew I forgot something…. GROUP BUY THIS WEEKEND CARRELL FARMS
This weekend we’ll be taking orders for pastured water buffalo, and alpaca. They are currently out of lamb. Carrell Farm will deliver this upcoming Tuesday. We order every other week so please keep this in mind when ordering. Meats are 100% grassfed and finished. They are produced without GMOs, chemicals, hormones, nor antibiotics of any kind.

Carrell Farms is a family owned, grass-based livestock operation featuring 100% grassfed, chemical-free, USDA processed Asian water buffalo. Seasonally they offer 100% grassfed lamb and other species. They are the first alpaca farm in the Southeastern US and offer alpaca shearing and farm consulting services.

Never had Water Buffalo? Water Buffalo tastes great! It has an honest red meat flavor with no gaminess. There is no need to marinade or over season Carrell Farm’s water buffalo as the flavor is grown right in. No need to drain – any excess fat is highly nutritious! Water Buffalo ground is excellent for burgers, chili, meat loaf, sloppy joes, spaghetti sauce, etc.! Be sure to try Carrell Farm’s famous Buffalo Con Queso recipe Children and adults alike really love it!

Omega 3 fats have a much lower melting point than Omega 6 fats. Expect grass fed meats to cook in 1/3 less time than contemporary grainfed meat.