JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting

Website: www,javagenesiscoffeeroasting.com

JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting is a small batch craft roaster of specialty coffee.

All of our coffee will be roasted within 24-48 ours of the market to ensure our product is at peak freshness when it is delivered to the market.

In addition to producing awesome coffee, promoting responsible environmental and/or social stewardship is important to us. Because Georgia does not have the climate needed to grow coffee, we use 3 importers to source our green coffee. We select coffee from our importers that have been farmed using sustainable practices and when possible we buy shade grown and/or fair trade organic coffees. We roast on a roaster which uses infrared burners, not open flame, atmospheric burners. IR burners produce substantially lower emissions than atmospheric burners. We are proud to roast our coffee on a ‘greener’ roaster. In addition, we give all of our organic waste material (coffee chaff, coffee grounds, etc) to a local farmers and gardeners.

We invite you to ‘Discover the Fresh Roast Difference’.

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